Cbus Property


One of Australia's Leading Integrated Property Investors
Cbus Property is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cbus, the industry superannuation fund for the construction, building, infrastructure & allied industries, with funds under management currently in excess of $34.0 billion. As part of the portfolio, Cbus is a significant investor in the property industry throughout Australia. Cbus Property is a unique property investor and developer with the company's core business a reflection of Cbus' philisophical commitment to investing in the Property and Contruction Industry which employs its members. 

Partnerships built on strong foundations
Everything Cbus Property does, involves partnerships. With co-investors. With tenants. With builders. With the Workforce. We've found that by always dealing openly with all our partners, placing a great emphasis on open communication and always being prepared to go that extra yard, we've not only built and maintained great relationships, but also achieved the best results for all parties. Our business is focussed on providing exemplary services to our partners. We forge partnerships through understanding and responding to our partners business needs with an approach that is transparent and cognisant of the long term nature of those relationships.

Partnerships with our Tenants and Clients
Every business is different, with different structures and different needs. That's why we always work closely with all our tenants, investing time and resources into fully understanding their specific business requirements and making sure their accommodation requirements are designed to meet those exact specifications. Not just now, but also into the future, paying particular attention to the environmental sustainability of the design and how it impacts on the workforce. And when a tenant moves in, we operate as a hands-on landlord, working in partnership to meet their ongoing needs.

Uncompromising on Ethics and Goverance
As part of Cbus, we are subject to the prudential requirements of APRA, the governing regulator of superannuation funds. That means there is full transparency in everything we do, from inception through to completion. So the interests of all stakeholders are always fully protected. Just as importantly, we are totally independent. As one of Australia's leading integrated property investors, maintaining relationships with architects, designers, builders and suppliers is of paramount importance to Cbus Property. Their performance, delivery and management is always subject to the most rigorous ongoing scrutiny. The Cbus Property Board also places great importance on the governance of the Company and reflecting this commitment, the Board continually reviews its policies and procedures to ensure compliance and address our obligations as a responsible corporate citizen.

Building a Sustainable Tomorrow
At Cbus Property, we take our responsibilities as a corporate citizen very seriously. In everything we do, we strive to deliver outcomes that benefit not just our partners, tenants and members of the Superannuation Fund, but the community as a whole. Cbus Property, a responsible Investor and long term owner, is driven by the belief that sustainable business practices will give rise to better investments and better returns. We believe the principles of Responsible Investment, of which Cbus is a signatory, reflect the core values of long term ownership and therefore, should be integrated into the overall investment decisions of the Company.

Where appropriate, new Cbus Property Investments will strive to achieve a minimum 5 Star Design and 'As-Built' rating under the Green Star system. We are also committed to progressively improving the sustainability of our existing Investments, while any new Investments we acquire will be subject to stringent environmental criteria. Not only does this policy benefit the environment and the community, it also makes good financial and economic sense. Green buildings provide a better work environment and have been shown to improve staff retention and productivity. It's that combination, the commitment to our partners, tenants and members plus the commercial outcomes, whilst never losing sight of our corporate responsibilities that makes Cbus Property unique. It's also we believe, the key to our ongoing success. 

Delivering Commercial Results
Cbus Property never loses sight of the commercial imperative. We are fully focused on delivering consistent and sustainable long-term financial returns on every Investment we manage and every development we undertake. And the key to achieving those returns is the way we deal with our partners, tenants, builders and workforce. By being a good landlord and providing tenants with an environmentally sustainable workspace that meets all their business objectives, we are able to maintain long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial. By working openly and affectively with partners and suppliers, while never losing sight of our social responsibilities, we have proactively managed our Investments and delivered high quality developments consistently providing long-term financial returns. In the end, it all comes back to the professionalism and expertise of our in-house team of professionals. All of us at Cbus Property are committed to delivering the best service and the best results possible for our tenants, our partners and especially to Cbus members. And that's exactly what we do.